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7 years in the making, ”Through Seasons of Sorrow” is a series of stories about finding ones way through adventures of the soul.

Giving a spectrum of selection with

ballads that scratch the depths of human connection, requiems of mourning and longing,  upbeat anthems with themes of revolution, radical self acceptance, embracing queer identity, love led leadership and conscious connection. Through Seasons of Sorrow takes the listener from the writing of Zepeda, all in the hopes that in can help carry those who listen through their seasons too. 

An album brought to life alongside a handful of some of the very best musically inclined professionals of Missoula, MT.

A forever thank you to each human for their gifts and time spent on this project:

Production & Marketing

Matt Olson //Recording, Mixing, Producer

Attack & Release Sound Studio


Blake Bickel//Mastering

Dynamic Sound Service


Jack Stob//Album Artwork


Silas Smith//Lead Guitar

Joshua Chai//Drums

Red Onion Purple, Mirror Gods

Transcendental Express

 John Sporman//Bass

 Naomi Siegel//Trombone

 Milan House//Piano

Marit Olson//Violin

Callie Morris//Harmonies

Boiz Club House Show
Circa 2019 Photo Credit: Donal Lakatua
emzee silas sketch by graham smith_edited.jpg
6th street house lawn sesh
Circa 2016
Graham Smith
maria throwing down at gentri.jpg
Love Missoula: Gentry House 
Circa 2019 Photo Credit: Missoulian
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