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Maria Zepeda

[Zepeda] uses her art as a form of self healing. Captivating her listeners in warm waves of honesty, Zepeda speaks on themes such as anxiety, depression and sexuality.  Zepeda’s songs hold the weight of familiarity: capturing the deja-vu of aching memories. 

-KGBA in response to the release of  Maria's debut album,

"Through Seasons of Sorrow"

Photo in black and white. Maria Zepeda, eyes closed sings into a microphone, strumming her guitar. She wears a short hair cut, black and white striped shirt. An audience inthe back ground listens intently.
Love Missoula at Gentry House Circa 2019
Photo Credit: Missoulian

Maria Zepeda lives to express through creation. Whether that is through song, advocacy, community, or connection, she expresses with a loving passion that encourages others to find their loving passion too. Her larger than life presence invites you to take a closer look at the ways we can live in love for ourselves, each other, and our planet. 


In January of 2021, Maria Zepeda released her debut album, “Through Seasons of Sorrow” recorded, mixed, and produced by Matt Olson of Attack & Release Sound Studio which featured many local Missoula musicians including: Silas Smith , John Sporman, Joshua Chai, Callie Morris, Milan House, and Marit Olson. This album was the leap of faith Maria had been waiting years for, as she had suffered from the complications that come with depression and anxiety that had pulled her away from wanting to share her songs with the world. This album speaks to the healing that comes from facing one's shadows and committing to the long road of healing that follows. 


As a lifelong Montanan, admirer of music and the arts, and emerging artist she’s always desired helping others. Spending 2 years performing across Western MT she was able to see artists weren’t being compensated fairly and opportunities were becoming limited for our local music scene. She took that awareness and brought it into conversations. After many hours and meetings, Maria, accompanied by Anthony Brown & Callie Morris, co-founded the Montana Area Music Association (MAMA) in 2019. She has dedicated the past 3+ years volunteering to create a foundation that supports, connects, advocates, and educates our MT music scene. You can find out more at

Her current project, "Cantando" began as a passion project birthed from the creative forces of Elijah Jalil and Maria. Their musical energies combined created a portal of potential, rooted in the desire to live a life led through authenticity and creation. In the course of 5 hours, Elijah and Maria created the magic you will hear through the release of Cantando. Choosing to release a sound that remains raw and true to its original form (meaning there was little done to change the sound in the mixing/mastering process with the exception of balancing levels/frequencies cutting out lip smacks and squeaky chairs) with the intention to give the world something real in a time of deception, fear and chaos. All with the resonance of  a faith to inspire others to share their gifts as they are- without the need to alter, manipulate or change the uniqueness of the creation.

Maria’s sound has been compared to the likes of Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Halsey, Jewel and Brandi Carlile. Rich, powerful, smokey, and full of soulful emotion come through her curious being. Her lyrics come through her lived experience and at times, through the channeling of spirit singing through her. She sings because it connects her to the truth of her soul. She sings because singing lets her know she is alive. She sings in hopes that you will let it move you into your own beautiful becoming. 

Si Smith (left) looks stage left at Maria Zepeda as he strums along to her melody. Maria Zepeda stands in front of a microphone, strumming her guitar singing her song. Photo in black and white. Taken at the Top Hat.
Circa 2019 Tophat Lounge
Photo Credit: Karmen Borchers
B&W photo. Maria Zepeda(left) sings into a microphone and strums her guitar. Si Smith faces her and strums his guitar alongside.
Circa 2018 Freecycles
B&W photo of Maria Zepeda and Si Smith fist bumping with smiles on their faces wearing all denim.
Circa 2018 VFW

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