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My Intention for Sharing

I desire to give you insight into my journey to leave you with clues and maybe even some inspiration into your own remarkable journey.

I will not leave out the messy parts. I believe those are the parts that teach us the most about what it means to be alive.

I aim to let sounds flow through and to me. In doing so, I am shown where I haven't been honest with myself, where my fears live, my essence, my longing, my desires, my powerful presence and the deepest shadows of my psyche. As a creator, I will not hide these parts of myself from you.

Sounds bring me to feel, and in feeling I found freedom. When I didn't feel, I lost sight of my freedom. It is an act that I must choose daily.

What I have found may challenge your thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies. It could stir up some emotion. It could call you forward.


It could do nothing for you.

Any and all of it or none of it is okay. Allow the choice to be yours.

And if you choose to embark on this journey with me, please tell me.

What is your intention?

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